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RS Roller Chain

Longer Wear Life
U.S. Tsubaki Roller Chain lasts up to twice as long as our previous chain in many applications. Advanced technology allows us to combine the strength, durability, and reliability of a solid bushing with our patented lube groove on the inner surface of sizes RS80 through RS140. The solid bushings are precise round cylinders, which means better contact between the pin and bushing. The lube grooves hold oil where chain needs it most. The result is longer lasting chain.
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Item #




Min. Ultimate Strength ANSI Standard

Average Tensile Strength

Maximum Allowable Load

N/A 0.339 in N/A 0.150 in N/A 0.189 in N/A 780 lb N/A 1050 lb N/A 140 lb
N/A 0.591 in N/A 0.276 in N/A 0.315 in N/A 1560 lb N/A 2100 lb N/A 240 lb
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