Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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  • Agriculture Chains

    U.S. Tsubaki offers both MR type and RF type steel roller chains for agricultural applications.
    MR type steel roller chains have been designed to replace malleable chains. These chains can be used with the existing sprockets for malleable chains.
    They have higher tensile strength, longer life, and provide smoother operation for drives and conveyors than malleable chains. U.S. Tsubaki MR type steel roller chains with various attachments can also be used for material handling operations.

  • Energy Series® Chains

    Energy Series® Chain is designed for high speed and high shock load applications. This chain is built to deliver reliable power and performance to meet the constant heavy demands of the oil and gas industry.

  • Ultra Miniature Chains

    Ultra Miniature chain from U.S. Tsubaki is specially designed for applications with extremely limited space. Manufactured to the most exacting specifications, Ultra Miniature chain is perfect for applications requiring quiet, compact, lightweight chain with minimal polygonal action.

    U.S. Tsubaki Ultra Miniature chain provides superior performance in a variety of demanding applications such as communications equipment, business machines, medical equipment, photographic equipment, and other electro-mechanical devices. U.S. Tsubaki Ultra Miniature chain is available in four styles to meet the needs of the most challenging small-scale chain applications.

  • Bearing Bush Double Pitch Chain Series
  • Automatic Tool Changers Chain

    ATC (Automatic Tool Changers) chain is widely employed in Machining Centers because of its economy, efficiency and functional versatility.

    1. A high degree of layout freedom
    The high degree of layout freedom possible with chain type ATC allows for efficient use of space.
    2. Space saving
    Chain type ATC can handle up to 50% more tools than disc types in the same space.
    3. Economical and efficient
    As more tools can be contained in the chain type than in the disc type, chain type ATC can be made lighter and has higher performance.
    4. Easy standardization of design Simply by lengthening the chain, the number of tools can be increased, but unlike the disc type, this does not change the tool replacing position. This versatility lets you standardize on chain.

  • Double Plus® Chain
  • TS-PA Top Chain Linear Movement
  • TK Cableveyor
  • Lube-Free Chains

    FX chain - Increased clearance between pins and bushings allows for added chain flexibility with excellent durability.

  • Wrench Chains

    Rollerless chain - Designed and manufactured to withstand continued wearing.
    Wrench chain - Extra long pins serve as tension linkages to provide a secure hold for pipe wrenches.
    Laminated Block chain - Manufactured with 304 stainless steel, it directly replaces solid block chain in light load, low speed applications.