Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Tsubaki’s new BS-F Series backstops are designed for simple, drop-in installation to all major competitive external, low-speed backstop products. These backstops use a unique labyrinth seal design for maximum life with minimal maintenance. With Tsubaki’s innovative design features, our backstops ensure efficient and dependable operation in the harshest environments.

  • Mining (Coal, Copper, Potash) - used in inclined conveyors and bucket elevators for transporting raw materials.
  • Power Generating Plants - used in inclined conveyors to transfer coal from the stockpile to the boiler rooms.
  • Cement Plants - used in bucket elevators and inclined conveyors for moving limestone and clay to crushers and silos.


  • Provides higher torque ratings than the leading competitors due to the larger profile and greater contact area.
  • Improves performance and prevents costly and potentially dangerous rollover.

  • New seal design prevents the ingress of dust and other contaminants typically found in mining and cement plants, which extends the life of the lubricant.
  • Minimizes heat generation and provides trouble-free service with minimal scheduled maintenance.

Superior Performance in the Harshest Environments

  • Offers synthetic grease lubrication in a sealed backstop design.
  • Breather element is eliminated.
  • No need to monitor oil levels, refill the backstop or worry about moisture in the lubricant.
  • Provides trouble-free performance with minimized maintenance requirements.

  • Tsubaki offers the narrowest backstop with an I-beam torque arm.
  • Quick and easy field replacement. Drop in compatible with most competitive products.

Step 1: Insert I-beam torque arm into clutch
Step 2: Insert lock pins through flange plate and secure torque arm
Step 3: Insert retaining pins into lock pins
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Item #

Bore Range - Max.

Bore Range - Min.

Torque Capacity

Inner Race Max. Overrunning Speed

Drag Torque

BS85F N/A 3.350 in85.00 mm N/A 2.360 in60.00 mm N/A 4980 lb·ft6760 N·m N/A 300 rpm N/A 6.000 lb·ft8.00 N·m
BS95F N/A 3.740 in95.00 mm N/A 2.750 in70.00 mm N/A 6590 lb·ft8940 N·m N/A 300 rpm N/A 7.370 lb·ft10.00 N·m
BS115F N/A 4.530 in115.00 mm N/A 3.150 in80.00 mm N/A 12000 lb·ft16300 N·m N/A 300 rpm N/A 11.050 lb·ft15.00 N·m
BS140F N/A 5.510 in140.00 mm N/A 3.540 in90.00 mm N/A 18000 lb·ft24400 N·m N/A 300 rpm N/A 14.740 lb·ft20.00 N·m
BS165F N/A 6.500 in165.00 mm N/A 3.940 in100.00 mm N/A 32500 lb·ft44100 N·m N/A 300 rpm N/A 25.060 lb·ft34.00 N·m
BS200F N/A 7.870 in200.00 mm N/A 3.940 in100.00 mm N/A 45500 lb·ft61700 N·m N/A 180 rpm N/A 32.430 lb·ft44.00 N·m
BS225F N/A 8.860 in225.00 mm N/A 5.900 in150.00 mm N/A 75200 lb·ft102000 N·m N/A 150 rpm N/A 54.540 lb·ft74.00 N·m
BS250F N/A 9.840 in250.00 mm N/A 6.880 in175.00 mm N/A 108000 lb·ft147000 N·m N/A 135 rpm N/A 68.540 lb·ft93.00 N·m
BS270F N/A 10.630 in270.00 mm N/A 7.870 in200.00 mm N/A 141000 lb·ft192000 N·m N/A 125 rpm N/A 72.220 lb·ft98.00 N·m
BS300F N/A 11.810 in300.00 mm N/A 9.050 in230.00 mm N/A 254000 lb·ft345000 N·m N/A 115 rpm N/A 79.600 lb·ft108.00 N·m
BS360F N/A 14.170 in360.00 mm N/A 9.840 in250.00 mm N/A 360000 lb·ft489000 N·m N/A 100 rpm N/A 115.710 lb·ft157.00 N·m
BS425F N/A 16.730 in425.00 mm N/A 12.790 in325.00 mm N/A 542000 lb·ft735000 N·m N/A 85 rpm N/A 159.190 lb·ft216.00 N·m
BS465F N/A 18.310 in465.00 mm N/A 13.780 in350.00 mm N/A 722000 lb·ft980000 N·m N/A 80 rpm N/A 180.560 lb·ft245.00 N·m
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