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  • Heavy Series Chains

    Heavy Series roller chains differ from the ASME/ANSI standard series in the extra thickness of the link plates and the extra length of the pins. These link plates have the same thickness as the link plates of ASME/ANSI chains having the next larger pitch. The thicker link plates provide greater capacity (approximately 10%) for absorbing shock loads. These chains are suitable in situations where the load is heavy or operating conditions are severe.

  • RS-T Series Chains

    T Series
    T Series chains have greater shock load resistance and higher ultimate tensile strength than comparable ASME/ANSI standard roller chains. This is accomplished by using thru hardened pins. The dimensions of the chains are identical to ASME/ANSI standard roller chains.

  • RS-HT-Series Chains

    HT Series
    HT Series chains have a greater ultimate tensile strength (plus 15-30%) than ASME/ANSI standard roller chains by using thru hardened pins and link plates of the next larger chain size. These chains also provide greater shock load resistance. The dimensions of the chains are identical to those of the ASME/ANSI Heavy Series standard roller chains.

  • Super Series Chains

    Super Series
    The dimensions of Super Series Chain are identical to those of ASME/ANSI standard roller chain. Super Series Chain has a wider waist link plate than our standard chain and special manufacturing techniques are used to produce the pitch holes. After heat treatment, the holes are then ball drifted for greater fatigue strength. The pins are thru hardened for greater shock resistance. Because of this, Super Series Chain has a Maximum Allowable Load 25-30% higher than our standard RS roller chain.

  • Super-H Series Chains

    Super-H Series
    Super-H Series Chain has the same wide waist as Super Series. The link plate thickness is identical to those of the ASME/ANSI Heavy Series roller chains. The same special manufacturing techniques used in Super Series Chain are used to produce the pitch holes. The pins are thru hardened. Because of this, Super-H Series Chain has an even higher Maximum Allowable Load than the Super Series.