Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Construction and Features
Pitch 3.740 in

TK Cableveyor is constructed of steel chain with aluminum supporters to give high strength and durability for diverse applications. The holes of the supporters are made to fit the cables or hoses precisely. These cableveyors are very versatile and can fit most industrial machines.
Unit of Measure


Minimum distance of ends

N/A 0.590

Minimum distance of cables

N/A 0.160


N/A 3.740 in

R - Bending Radius

N/A 5.710 in

Cabel/Hose Maximum Outer Diameter

N/A 1.220 in

A - Dimension

N/A 1.970 in

B - Dimension

N/A 3.940 in

U - Dimension

N/A 0.590 in

TK Type Oval Cableveyor


  • TK type Cableveyor has been designed to protect workers from accidents by utilizing specially shaped link plates. This link plate design has solved the problems that may occur due to crevices between link plates.
  • All link plates are offset type. The pins at the moving connection are through hardened by an induction heat-treatment to provide high abrasion and deformation resistance. TK type Cableveyor is also effective against side force damage.
  • Proper size holes will be made to your specifications. The holes on the stays are made to fit the diameter of the cables or hoses.
  • By using the correct size holes in the stays, cables and hoses will be very steady and well protected.


N/A There are two types of supporters for TK type Cableveyor, a one-piece supporter and a split supporter. The split supporter is very convenient for long moving strokes, if an odd-shaped attachment is used on the cables or hoses, or if a large number of cables or hoses must be installed.

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