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Stainless steel tooth insert sprockets for Sanitation Chain

Sand and dirt scrapers create special problems for chains and for sprockets, which must offer reliable performance, a long working life, and resistance against corrosion and wear.
Stainless Steel Tooth Insert Sprockets used with Sanitation Chain keep sand and dirt scrapers operating efficiently. The stainless steel insert teeth prevent galvanic corrosion and offer superb wear and corrosion resistance. You get efficiency, economy, and performance.

  • Reliable Performance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Superb Wear Resistance
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
Unit of Measure



N/A 6.000 in

No. Teeth

N/A 10

Do - Outside Diameter

N/A 20.748 in

Dp - Pitch Diameter

N/A 19.417 in

d - Min Bore Diameter

N/A 3.543 in

d - Max Bore Diameter

N/A 5.118 in

DH - Hub Diameter

N/A 7.480 in

L - Hub Length

N/A 5.512 in

T - Tooth Thickness

N/A 1.260 in

Aproximate Weight

N/A 114.000 lb
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