Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
  • External locking device for hollow shaft
  • Ideal for applications with limited space
  • Metric size range: 24mm - 300mm
  • Black anodized coating for corrossion resistance

  • For selection and application see Technical Notes download
    Unit of Measure


    Shaft Diameter – dw

    N/A 1.890 in


    N/A 3.386 in


    N/A 0.906 in


    N/A 1.201 in


    N/A 1.358 in

    Transmissible Torque

    N/A 1365 ft·lb

    Transmissible Thrust

    N/A 17336 lb

    P - Contact Pressure - Shaft

    N/A 28283 psi

    P' - Contact Pressure - Hub Bore

    N/A 36115 psi


    N/A 2.900 lb

    Locking Bolts


    N/A 10


    N/A M6x25

    Tightening Torque

    N/A 9.000 ft·lb

    Features & Application


    • External Lock
      Excellent for hollow shaft or space restricted installation.
    • Easy to Install and Remove
      Installs or removes just by the tightening or loosening of bolts. No need to hassle with adjusting keyways and thermal fittings.
    • Simple Construction
      Simply constructed with only an inner ring and taper rings A and B. Simply tighten the locking bolts to achieve a completely secure connection.

    Additional Information

    N/A When an SL POWER-LOCK is tightened, the wedging action between the inner ring and the taper rings applies radial pressure P' on the hub exterior. This pressure P' molds the hub towards the radial direction and strengthens the hub-shaft connection. The greater the value of P', the tighter the connection.

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