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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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HP-T type ATC chain is based on the HP type with steel tool holder. The inner diameter of the pin is tapered and a retaining function is installed on the pin.
Economical: Additional installation of the tool holder is not necessary.
Accurate holding: As the tool holder is combined with the chain, backlash is reduced.
Compactness: Pin outer diameter and link plate width are smaller than those of HP type.
1) U.S. Tsubaki standardized ATC chain is designed with pull stud, key, number plate and plastic sleeve. An engineering plastic sleeve is fitted to prevent contact with the metal taper parts and protect the shank from being scratched.
2) Attachment chains other than the listed ATC chain line-up are also available to satisfy your special requirements.
Unit of Measure


Shank Number

N/A 50

P - Pitch

N/A 5.118 in

R - Roller Diameter

N/A 2.362 in

W - Width Between Roller Link Plates

N/A 2.362 in


N/A 0.157 in


N/A 3.288 in

L1 - d

N/A 1.750 in

L1 - MAS

N/A 1.722

L1 - ISO (A)

N/A 1.693


N/A 1.693

L2 - MAS

N/A 2.073

L2 - ISO (A)

N/A 2.244


N/A 1.811

Chain Weight per Pot

N/A 8.400 lb

Extracting Force

N/A 40 to 62 lb


N/A The HP-T series is the hollow pin type chain complete with tool holder. Since the chain can bend backward, freedom of layout is exceptional, and a large number of tools can be held in a small space. Tools are held on the pitch line of the chain providing extra stability.
Hollow pin type chain is also available upon request, and can be supplied with plastic pots.

1. If the extracting force required is large, please consult U.S. Tsubaki. 5. Refer to page B-89 for key and number plate dimensions.
2. Chain weight less pot shows for MAS standard. 6. Shanks No. 45 and 60 are also available upon request.
3. Chain pitches different from those above are also available.
4. The minimum chain pitch that can be manufactured is:
Shank No. 40: P = 3.543 inch
Shank No. 50: P = 4.921 inch
5. Shanks No. 45 and 60 are also available upon request.

Safety device for HP-T type chain (optional)
In the case of horizontal drive HP-T type chain (with tools vertically suspended), we can provide the tool holder with an optional safety device.
The safety device prevents the tool from falling out of the tool holder during operation.

Note: The safety device is not available for Shank No. 40. Instead, we suggest using a higher tool extraction force.
Pushing the safety device pin by the cylinder easily releases the tool from the retention knob by spring force.

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