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Powerful, flexible and reliable speed variation backed by U.S. Tsubaki high technology.

  • Low Maintenance

  • • Use of a synthetic oil means virtually no maintenance.
    • DISCO is shipped fully lubricated, and can be put to use immediately.

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • • Compact design for use almost anywhere in your environment.
    • Lightweight aluminum case allows for easier handling.

  • Flexible placement of speed control knob

  • • Removing just one screw allows you to change the speed control knob position, and use it on the side appropriate for the installation position.
    • Ergonomically designed, easy-to-grip knob.

  • Remote control related options available

  • • The electrical type speed variation range has been increased to a 6-to-1 speed range, the same as that for the speed control knob type. Uses the ANSI key
    • The input-output shaft keys meet ANSI standards.
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Item #

Input Side NEMA Frame No.

Output Side NEMA Frame No.


N/A 56C N/A 56C N/A 30.000 lb
N/A 56C N/A 56C N/A 38.000 lb
N/A 143/145TC N/A 143/145TC N/A 61.000 lb
N/A 143/145TC N/A 182/184TC N/A 93.000 lb
N/A 182/184TC N/A 213/215TC N/A 178.000 lb
N/A 182/184TC N/A 213/215TC N/A 187.000 lb
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