Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Stack Reclaimers
Stack Reclaimers are popular when heavy industrial processes require that large storage piles of lump material are necessary. Reclaimer chain and flight assemblies function like scraper con veyors, less the trough, with flight blades that push material toward a belt feeding conveyor. The reclaimer conveyor's chain with digging flights are supported by rails and structure which span over or across the pile being reclaimed for transfer to plant processes.
Chain for this demanding application should provide the longest service life to achieve the best overall value. Chain must have large bearing areas, high hardnesses and deep case depths to provide the best performance. U.S. Tsubaki Chain Division engineers have used these principles while retrofitting many reclaiming conveyors with chain and sprockets, achieving service life which is longer than O.E.M. chains. For the superior value and performance, U.S. Tsubaki Chain is your best choice.
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22568 N/A 9.843 in N/A 2.850 in N/A 1.770 in N/A 4.310 in N/A 4.310 in N/A 4.310 in
22535 N/A 9.843 in N/A N/A 6.260 in N/A 4.690 in N/A 8.650 in N/A 2.110 in
22220 N/A 9.843 in N/A 2.500 in N/A 5.120 in N/A 4.940 in N/A 10.150 in N/A 3.820 in
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