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BS-HS Series Cam Clutch offers a higher strength/higher rpm option. Non-rollover cams are flanked by individual bearings on both sides. This series is identified by ""HS"" following the frame size number. Designed to provide inner race overrunning capability in one direction of operation, and engage the outer race when reverse rotation is experienced. Typically found on long incline conveyor systems, bucket elevators, and large pumping systems.

BS-HS Series Cam Clutch units are all manufactured on a made-to-order basis. When ordering, please specify bore size and keyway dimensions along with tolerances if available. Tsubaki includes the shaft key with your BS-HS Cam Clutch. If tolerances are not known, Tsubaki will produce per our standards. A complete Cam Clutch assembly typically includes the Cam Clutch, torque arm, shaft key, shaft end plate, and safety cover or oil reservoir. BS-HS Series Cam Clutches are pre-lubricated with grease prior to shipping.

When ordering, specify the required bore size, keyway dimensions, and special tolerance if needed.
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Item #

Bore Range


Inner Race Max. Overrunning Speed

Drag Torque

A (Overall Length)

B (Diameter)

D (Bolt Circle Diameter)

BS160HS N/A 3.937 to 6.250 in100.00 to 160.00 mm N/A 28912.4 lb·ft39200.0 N·m N/A 350 rpm N/A 25.298 lb·ft34.30 N·m N/A 7.100 in180.00 mm N/A 14.200 in360.00 mm N/A 12.402 in315.00 mm
BS200HS N/A 3.937 to 7.875 in100.00 to 200.00 mm N/A 45507.5 lb·ft61700.0 N·m N/A 250 rpm N/A 32.526 lb·ft44.10 N·m N/A 8.100 in205.00 mm N/A 16.900 in430.00 mm N/A 14.961 in380.00 mm
BS220HS N/A 5.937 to 8.625 in150.00 to 220.00 mm N/A 75231.1 lb·ft102000.0 N·m N/A 200 rpm N/A 54.211 lb·ft73.50 N·m N/A 13.000 in330.00 mm N/A 19.700 in500.00 mm N/A 16.535 in420.00 mm
BS250HS N/A 6.875 to 9.750 in175.00 to 250.00 mm N/A 108421.3 lb·ft147000.0 N·m N/A 170 rpm N/A 68.667 lb·ft93.10 N·m N/A 14.600 in370.00 mm N/A 23.600 in600.00 mm N/A 20.866 in530.00 mm
BS270HS N/A 7.875 to 10.625 in200.00 to 270.00 mm N/A 150462.2 lb·ft204000.0 N·m N/A 160 rpm N/A 72.281 lb·ft98.00 N·m N/A 15.200 in385.00 mm N/A 25.600 in650.00 mm N/A 22.638 in575.00 mm
1 - 5 of 5 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure