Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
U.S. Tsubaki offers a variety of drive and conveyor chains for use in water treatment applications. Many industrial plants and power stations draw water from nearby lakes, rivers, or bays for use in process and cooling applica tions and to feed boilers. Traveling water and bar screens prevent the intake of fish, rocks, debris, and suspended solids that could damage equipment or foul water circulation systems. Both types of screens use special chains that must be replaced periodically because of corrosion and wear.
Industries commonly screening inlet waters include:
  • Power generating plants (coal, petroleum, nuclear)
  • Pulp and paper mills (also removing wastes from in-plant streams)
  • Steel mills
  • Chemical and processing plants
  • Refineries
  • Food processors
  • Any plant operating a large power boiler to produce steam

    Dimensions shown are nominal. Obtain certified prints for design and construction
  • Unit of Measure



    N/A 2.609 in

    E - Length of Bearing

    N/A 1.630 in

    A - Overall Chain Width

    N/A 2.930 in

    D - Barrel

    N/A 0.880 in

    L - Barrel

    N/A 1.090 in

    Approx. Weight

    N/A 1.500 lb/ft

    Pin Specifications

    G - Pin Diameter

    N/A 0.450 in

    Sidebar Specifications

    T - Sidebar Thickness

    N/A 0.270 in

    H - Sidebar Height

    N/A 1.130 in

    Factors to Consider

    N/A Kind of water.
    Fresh water has a different chemistry than salt or brackish water and has a different impact on chain. Several different types of materials are used, including heat- treatable, stainless steels, alloy steels, and cast iron rollers. Choose the construction that is right for your application. If you have any questions, contact Tsubaki Engineering.
    Types of water screen chain.
    There are three main types of water screen carrier chain. Tsubaki produces all three with either 3/8"- or 1/2"-thick sidebars. Pitch is usually 24", but each type has distinctive characteristics.
    Styles of bar screen chain.
    700 series, 6-inch pitch chains are widely used. Sidebars are usually 5/16" for standard and 3/8" for heavy-duty applications. Other chain series are also available.

    Select Tsubaki Chains

    N/A Tsubaki Traveling Water and Bar Screens are specially designed to stand up to this corrosive environment. Pins and bushings are through hardened for extended wear life. Rollers are con structed of cast iron or through hardened stainless steel and have a special synthetic resin bushing for smooth operation. The resin bushings require no lubrication, saving you time and money.
    To add even more protection, Tsubaki Water Treatment Chains are double-treated for extra corrosion resistance—first with an adhesive sealant in the pin, bushing and link plate press- fit areas, and then with an anti-corrosion, rust-prevention coating. That means strong, long-lasting chain for your screening environment.

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