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U.S. Tsubaki RS15 bushed chain is between RS25 and RS11SS in size and is economical for compact applications.
  • Strong and precise, this chain is based on RS roller chain production technology.
  • Lightweight and compact, it is only half the weight of RS25 which is the smallest ASME/ANSI roller chain.
  • All parts are heat-treated for better strength and wear resistance.
  • Suitable for industrial data equipment, business machines, electric and electronic equipment, medical instruments, photographic equipment and other devices.
Unit of Measure


P - Pitch

N/A 0.188 in

B - Bushing Diameter

N/A 0.098 in

W - Width Between Roller Link Plates

N/A 0.094 in

Average Tensile Strength

N/A 510 lb

Approx. Weight

N/A 0.050 lb/ft

Number of Links per 10 ft

N/A 640

Maximum Allowable Load

N/A 70 lb

Link Plate


N/A 0.024 in


N/A 0.169 in

Pin Specifications


N/A 0.064 in


N/A 0.120 in


N/A 0.152 in


N/A 0.272 in
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