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Cane Carrier Slats
Cane Carrier Slats can be supplied for any of the carrier chains. The slats are available in 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch thicknesses and can be supplied in any length.
Unit of Measure



N/A Style CA


N/A 78.000 in


N/A 30.400 lb

Make In-Line Inspections Easy

N/A Put machinery access at your fingertips. ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR® is a dust- and rain-tight inspection and service door for conveyors, as well as processing and handling equipment. These pre-fabricated units are in-stock and ready-to-go for easy installation at the job site. Once in place, ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR allows for quick and simple inspection without the need for special tools: just lift the lever! No bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace. One touch is all it's that simple.

The Tsubaki Solution


  • Reliable chains that handle high tonnage and continuous operation
  • Careful construction for your operation
  • Added strength for extended wear life
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Strong, long-lasting components

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