Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Move loose bulk materials like coal, lime, sand, stone, and sugar cane along horizontal or inclined conveyors. Apron Conveyors are especially useful as feeders to elevating systems, for picking tables and loading booms, and for long horizontal or inclined conveyors.

Create Custom Solutions
U.S. Tsubaki engineers will help you create a complete apron conveyor system for your application, including the right attachments, rollers, and lubrication packages to meet your specific requirements.
Apron Conveyors from U.S. Tsubaki
  • Wide selection and styles.
  • Customized for your application.
  • Reliable, hassle-free operation.
  • Cost-efficient value for your investment.
Choosing Metal Thickness
Experience is usually the best guideline for specifying the metal thickness for pans and aprons. Make sure you consider the following points.
  1. Number of chain strands to be used.
  2. Required service life.
  3. Manufacturing restrictions.
  4. Weight of each apron support. Deflection must be limited to prevent binding between overlapping pans.
  5. Corrosive and abrasive properties of conveyed materials.
Unit of Measure



N/A 4.000 in


N/A 2.060 in


N/A 0.250 in
Work Load1 N/A 9000 lb
Approx. Weights - Conveyor Weight 18" Pan2 N/A 44.300 lb/ft

Approx. Weights - Weight Added Ea. 6" of Width

N/A 5.100 lb/ft


N/A Style A Aprons

Width Specifications

A - Overall

N/A 23.940 in

B - Center to Center Sprocket

N/A 20.060 in
  • 1 Indicates working load for two strands of chain.
  • 2 Indicates without through-rods.
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