Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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  • Removable snap ring allows for flanged or flush mounting
  • Austenite stainless steel designed to handle the most corrosive envireonment and clean room applications
  • Metric size range: 5mm - 50mm

For selection and application see Technical Notes download
Unit of Measure


d - Shaft O.D.

N/A 0.394 in

t1 - Shaft Dia. Tolerance

N/A -0.0009 in +0

D - Hub Counter I.D.

N/A 1.024 in

t2 - Hub Counter ID Tolerance

N/A +0.0013 in -0


N/A 0.394 in


N/A 0.551 in


N/A 0.650 in


N/A 0.807 in


N/A 1.130 in

Transmissible Torque

N/A 18 ft·lb

Transmissible Thrust

N/A 1008 lb

P - Contact Pressure - Shaft

N/A 15229 psi

P' - Contact Pressure - Hub Bore

N/A 5802 psi


N/A 0.130 lb

Locking Bolts


N/A 4


N/A M4x14

Tightening Torque

N/A 1.500 ft·lb

Features & Application


  • Installation Options
    Comes with removable snap ring allowing either flange type or straight type mounting
  • Austenite Stainless Steel
    The main unit is made of highly anticorrosive austenite stainless steel, which makes the entire product excellent for clean-room operation.
  • No Lubrication Required
    Locking bolts are lubricated so that no additional lubrication is necessary during assembly.

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