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  • Ideal for "A" plate sprockets and narrow gears
  • Designed to suit a wide range of shaft tolerances
  • Ideal for small shaft diameters
  • Inch size range: 3/8" - 4.00"

  • For selection and application see Technical Notes download
    Unit of Measure


    d - Shaft O.D.

    N/A 1.750 in

    t1 - Shaft Dia. Tolerance

    N/A -0.0015 in +0

    D - Hub Counter I.D.

    N/A 2.625 in

    t2 - Hub Counter ID Tolerance

    N/A +0.0018 in -0

    D1 - O.D. of KE

    N/A 2.813 in


    N/A 1.496 in


    N/A 1.260 in


    N/A 1.063 in


    N/A 0.748 in

    Transmissible Torque

    N/A 794 ft·lb

    Transmissible Thrust

    N/A 10294 lb

    P - Shaft Contact Pressure

    N/A 24512 psi

    P1 - Hub Bore Contact Pressure

    N/A 16390 psi

    Qty. Locking Bolts

    N/A 10

    Size Locking Bolts

    N/A M6 x 25

    Tightening Torque

    N/A 12.500 ft·lb


    N/A 0.970 lb

    Features & Application

    N/A Self-Centering
    Ideal for A-type sprockets and narrow gears, POWER-LOCK KE actually strengthens the shaft. Pre-centering is not required.

    Strong, Long-Lasting Performance
    POWER-LOCK KE has been tested in hundreds of applications. It offers high durability against reversing or impacting loads.

    Range of Sizes Available
    Available in a variety of sizes, including fractional inch sizes for smaller motors or sensors. No costly machining.

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