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  • Offers the greatest allowable transmissable torque of all Tsubaki Power Locks®
  • Ideal for multi-strand or large hub sprockets
  • Self-centering to control eccentricity
  • Inch size range: 3/4" - 11 13/16"

For selection and application see Technical Notes download

For selection and application see Technical Notes download
Unit of Measure


d - Shaft O.D.

N/A 1.188 in

t1 - Shaft Dia. Tolerance

N/A -0.0013 in +0

D - Hub Counter I.D.

N/A 2.159 in

t2 - Hub Counter ID Tolerance

N/A +0.0018 in -0


N/A 1.378 in


N/A 1.575 in


N/A 1.811 in

Transmissible Torque

N/A 581 ft·lb

Transmissible Thrust

N/A 12139 lb

P - Contact Pressure - Shaft

N/A 24657 psi

P' - Contact Pressure - Hub Bore

N/A 13489 psi


N/A 1.000 lb

Locking Bolts


N/A 8


N/A M6x30

Tightening Torque

N/A 12.500 ft·lb

Features & Application


  • Over 2 Times Larger Transmissible Torque than that of AS Series
  • Interchangeable with POWER-LOCK® AS Series
    Has the same size inside and outside diameter as AS Series POWER-LOCK in most cases.
  • Self-Centering Function
    Straight and narrow hubs can be used with AD Series POWER-LOCK
  • Easy and Precise Positioning

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