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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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MGUS Series Cam Clutch products are designed to satisfy inner or outer race overrunning/general application requirements. Depending on application requirements, the MGUS Series can be used in overrunning, indexing, or backstopping applications. This series is offered in both metric and inch based inner race configurations. MGUS Series units can easily be mated to pulleys, gears, or sprockets. MGUS Series ships pre-lubricated with oil.

Note: When placing an order for MGUS Series Cam Clutch model MGUS750 and above, please inform TSUBAKI of the overrunning speed you use.
Unit of Measure


Bore Size

N/A 0.625 in15.88 mm

Torque Capacity

N/A 397.5 lb·ft539.0 N·m

Max. Overrunning Inner Race

N/A 2600 rpm

Max. Overrunning Outer Race

N/A 800 rpm

Drag Torque

N/A 0.214 lb·ft0.29 N·m

Bore Keyseat

N/A 3/16 x 3/32"

A (Overall Width)

N/A 2.750 in69.85 mm

B (Overall Diameter)

N/A 3.500/3.498 in88.90/88.85 mm

C (Inner Race Length)

N/A 2.690 in68.33 mm

D (Pitch Circle Diameter)

N/A 2.875 in73.03 mm

E (Cam Clutch Length)

N/A 0.421 in10.70 mm

F (Reservoir Length)

N/A 1.248 in31.70 mm


N/A 0.630 in16.00 mm

H No. of Tapped Holes

N/A 4

M Thread

N/A 5/16-24

Oil Filler Plug

N/A M6 x P1.0

Oil Capacity

N/A 1.02 oz30 mL


N/A 2.700 kg5.952 lb
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