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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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BB-GD Series Cam Clutches build upon the standard BB Series with the addition of complete rubber seals on both sides. The addition of rubber seals makes the BB-GD Series slightly wider (0.197", 5 mm) than the equivalent 62 Series ball bearing.
Unit of Measure


Torque Capacity

N/A 128.0 lb·ft173.0 N·m

Max. Overrunning Inner Race

N/A 1800 rpm

Max. Overrunning Outer Race

N/A 1000 rpm

Drag Torque

N/A 0.044 lb·ft0.06 N·m

A (Overall Width)

N/A 0.866 in22.00 mm

B (Overall Diameter)

N/A 2.835 in72.00 mm

C (Bore Size)

N/A 1.378 in35.00 mm

D (Outer Race I.D.)

N/A 2.543 in64.60 mm

S (Chamfer)

N/A 0.043 in1.10 mm

Dynamic Bearing Loads

N/A 3035 lbf13500 N

Static Bearing Loads

N/A 2181 lbf9700 N


N/A Rubber seals on both sides


N/A 0.900 lb0.410 kg
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