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Move coils, pipe, tubing, or other large, round shapes with Gull Wing Chains or Saddle Attachments on Roller Conveyor Chains. The vee shape is designed to accommodate a range of diameter sizes that run within the process. The saddle or vee plate corner edges can be ground smooth to avoid scratching product during transfers. Gull Wing Chains or Saddle Attachments on Roller Conveyor Chains can be adapted to a variety of conveyor configurations, from top plates to bearing rollers and from inboard to outboard carrier rollers. Often economy is achieved through the use of multiple chain strands or chain strands independent of carrier assemblies.
Unit of Measure

Make In-Line Inspections Easy

N/A Put machinery access at your fingertips. ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR® is a dust- and rain-tight inspection and service door for conveyors, as well as processing and handling equipment. These pre-fabricated units are in-stock and ready-to-go for easy installation at the job site. Once in place, ONE-TOUCH INSPECTION DOOR allows for quick and simple inspection without the need for special tools: just lift the lever! No bolts to loosen and no covers to misplace. One touch is all it's that simple.

The Tsubaki Solution


  • Strong, long-lasting chains
  • Attachments for your application
  • Temperature resistance
  • Product undamaged and on-line
  • High-tension chains and sprockets

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