Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Each chain is assembled with connecting pins acting as tie bars every 12". The pins have milled flats and fit into a D- shaped hole in the link plate to prevent pin rotation and give longer life. Chains are furnished in ten-foot sections. The tubular rollers rotate on either oil-impregnated iron or plastic bearings. Removable two-pitch connecting links are available.
Unit of Measure


Chain Type

N/A RS40

Nominal Width

N/A 12.000 in


N/A Chains, connecting links and rollers are also available plated or in stainless steel. Either a plastic or an oil-impregnated bearing must also be specified. Chains and connecting links are ordered separately. One connecting pin is supplied with each chain section or connecting link. Additional pins may be ordered separately. Specify chain number and the material/bearing combination desired.

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