Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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How U.S. Tsubaki DOUBLE PLUS® Chain Works
  • When conveying
    Friction between the larger center roller and the small roller allows them to rotate together in unison. The difference in diameter of the two rollers causes the speed of the conveyed object to be approximately 2.3 times the speed of the chain.
  • When accumulating
    The large roller rotates freely in the opposite direction of the small roller, allowing conveyed objects to accumulate. This is called free flow conveying.
  • Energy saving
    Rolling friction of the chain is less than conventional type, so the required power of the conveyor is less.
  • Longer life
    Lower chain speed (1/2.3) and large allowable roller load provide longer chain life.
Unit of Measure

No. Teeth

N/A 6

D0 - Outer Diameter

N/A 8.116 in

Dp - Pitch Diameter

N/A 7.874 in

d - Pilot Bore Diameter

N/A 0.788 in

Applicable Bore

N/A 0.985 - 1.773 in

DH - Hub Diameter

N/A 2.758 in

L - Hub Length

N/A 2.362 in

T - Tooth

N/A 0.197 in

T1 - Thickness

N/A 0.236 in


N/A 1.024 in

Approx. Weight

N/A 9.920 lb/ft
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