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Escalators & Walkways
Escalators and walkways operate under challenging conditions. Shock loads vary with the weight of riders. In many facilities like airports and transit systems, they operate 24 hours every day. And facility managers and riders get very upset if they break down. That's why you need reliable, high-performance Escalator Chain from the U.S. Tsubaki Chain Division.
Tsubakimoto Chain Company, the world's largest manufacturer of chain products, has been producing high- quality Escalator Chains for many years. Drawing on this expertise, we offer several styles of Escalator Chains.
Our Escalator Chains are designed and built using unique strand-length quality criteria. No other chain producer can match our manufacturing techniques. You get the best performance and longest service life. Contact U.S. Tsubaki Engineers to discuss your specific escalator and walkway requirements.

Dimensions are subject to change. Contact U.S. Tsubaki to obtain certified prints for design and construction.
Unit of Measure



N/A 5.333 in

The Tsubaki Solution


  • Strong, long-lasting chain
  • Carburized case-hardened pins and bushings
  • Reliable in-facility performance
  • Strand-length quality specifications
  • Meets ASME A17.1 Code
  • Manufactured in precision- matched pairs

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