Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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MZEU Series is a general purpose Cam Clutch suitable for a wide variety of applications. A selection of add-on flanges and torque arms are available enabling this Cam Clutch to easily fit where custom designed products were previously required. MZEU12 to MZEU80 are pre-greased, requiring no lubrication. MZEU90 to MZEU150 require oil lubrication. Contact Tsubaki for indexing applications above 50 cycles per minute.
Unit of Measure


Bore Size

N/A 0.984 in25.00 mm

Torque Capacity

N/A 313.5 lb·ft425.0 N·m

Max. Overrunning Shaft

N/A 1600 rpm

Max. Overrunning Outer Race

N/A 600 rpm

Drag Torque

N/A 0.243 lb·ft0.33 N·m

Inner Race Keyway

N/A 8 x 3.3 mm

A (Overall Width)

N/A 2.362 in60.00 mm

B (Overall Height)

N/A 3.543 in90.00 mm


N/A 3.898 in99.00 mm


N/A 1.378 in35.00 mm

D (Bolt Circle Diameter)

N/A 3.071 in78.00 mm


N/A 1.575 in40.00 mm

L (Chamfer)

N/A 0.031 in0.80 mm

M (Flange Width)

N/A 0.453 in11.50 mm

N/A 0.315 in8.00 mm


N/A 0.157 in4.00 mm


N/A 3.960 lb1.800 kg
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