Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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Red Meat Processing
Delrin (Acetal) Bushed Conveyor Chain is used primarily in meat processing and packing plants. Even in these wet, corrosive environments, the Delrin (Acetal) insert eliminates the need for lubrication. These chains feature K-2 attach ments; Acetal insert rollers; stainless steel bushings; and electro-galvanized sidebars, pins, and rollers. You get lube-free operation for a clean environment.
Trolley conveyors and long, complex, overhead conveyor sys tems such as on the primary processing line in a slaughter house require Drop Forged Rivetless Chain. The open joint construction allows for easy washdowns and helps prevent contamination. For extended wear, select Ultra Wear Life-Drop Forged Rivetless Chain, an innovative product that extends wear life of rivetless chain 40 percent or more. This extraordinary performance is achieved with special steels and a proprietary pin hardening process. The result is a pin with a very hard, wear-resistant surface over a ductile core. UWL- Drop Forged Rivetless Chain is available in both X-Style and Barloop Style.
Pay particular attention to the style of sprocket you select and use with Drop Forged Rivetless Chain. Some attachments on overhead slaughterhouse lines, including slider attachments, require additional clearance that is not accounted for in standard sprockets. The Tsubaki Chain Division offers sprockets that are specially designed with relief areas to accommodate attach ment protrusion, helping the Drop Forged Rivetless Chain to stay in the sprocket and preventing premature chain joint wear.

DS Series Chains have zinc-plated sidebars, pins, and rollers. The bushings are heat-treated stainless steel.
This chain is made-to-order.

Dimensions are subject to change. Contact us to obtain certified prints for design and construction.
Furnished with counter sunk attachment holes.
Unit of Measure



N/A 4.040 in

G - Pin Diameter

N/A 0.630 in

D - Roller Diameter

N/A 2.000 in

E - Inside Width

N/A 1.310 in

H - Sidebar Height

N/A 1.500 in

T - Sidebar Thickness

N/A 0.310 in

B - Chain Width

N/A 1.470 in

C - Chain Width

N/A 1.750 in
Roller Material1 N/A Alloy Heat-treated

Pin Material

N/A Carbon Heat-treated

Sidebar Material

N/A High Carbon

Bushing Material

N/A Stainless Steel Heat-treated

K - Bolt Diameter

N/A 0.380 in

Average Ultimate Strength

N/A 26000 lb

Max. Work Load

N/A 3150 lb

Approx. Weight

N/A 11.400 lb/ft

Attachment Specifications


N/A 2.880 in


N/A 1.500 in


N/A 1.270 in


N/A 2.060 in


N/A 2.770 in


N/A 1.250 in
  • 1 Material: CCH = Carbon case hardened; CHT = Carbon heat-treated; HC = High carbon; SSHT = Stainless steel heat-treated; AHT= Alloy heat-treated; PMHT= Powdered metal heat-treated.
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