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Magna-flux inspected chain is available.
Dimensions are subject to change. Contact us to obtain certified prints for design and construction.
This chain is normally stocked.
The prefix "X" designates a design proportioned to flex transversely on a shorter radius. The outside bars are made with a mid-pitch panel that strengthens the sidebar and prevents material from falling through the link. X-Styles are used on overhead conveyors and other special applications.
Unit of Measure

E- Inside Width

N/A 1.280 in
Average Ultimate Strength Alloy Heat-Treated1 N/A 100000 lb

Average Ultimate Strength Heat-Treated

N/A 85000 lb

Normal Max. Work Load

N/A 7100 lb

Freq. Flex. Max. Work Load (lbs.)

N/A 3300 lb

Approx. Weight

N/A 6.700 lb/ft
  • 1 ANSI/SAE 8642
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