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Energy Series® Chain is designed for high speed and high shock load applications. This chain is built to deliver reliable power and performance to meet the constant heavy demands of the oil and gas industry.

  • Stronger pins for longer chain life
  • Ballized holes for improved fatigue strength
  • Shot peened link plates for maximum strength
  • Bushings and rollers that last longer
  • Factory applied hot-dip lube penetrates deeper
  • Unique Z-cotter design

Z-cotters hold tight, minimizing vibration and maximizing fatigue life, yet they're easy to assemble/disassemble in the field
Unit of Measure


N/A 240

P - Pitch

N/A 3.000 in


N/A 1.886 in


N/A 2.185 in


N/A 4.071 in


N/A 0.937 in

R - Roller Diameter

N/A 1.875 in

W - Width Between Roller Link Plates

N/A 1.875 in

h - Link Plate

N/A 2.457 in

H - Link Plate

N/A 2.850 in

T - Link Plate

N/A 0.375 in

Average Tensile Strength

N/A 154300 lb


N/A Single
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