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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
The BREU Series Cam Clutch is commonly used in backstopping applications that require higher speed inner race overrunning, and low to medium speed engagement speed capability. The BREU Series Cam Clutch is popular amongst both OEM's and end users, utilizing a broad array of mounting accessories and the ability to select keyway positions on the inner and outer race to offer mounting flexibility. BREU Series incorporates a "lift off" style cam which provides increased Cam Clutch life, please see page 8 for additional details. BREU Series Cam Clutch ships pre-lubricated with grease.
Unit of Measure


Bore Size

N/A 5.906 in150.00 mm

Inner Race Keyway

N/A 36 x 8.4 mm

Torque Capacity

N/A 25009.2 lb·ft33908.0 N·m

Min. Inner Race Overrunning

N/A 370 rpm

Max. Inner Race Overrunning

N/A 1300 rpm

Max. Engagement

N/A 180 rpm

A (Overall Width)

N/A 9.685 in246.00 mm

B (Overall Height)

N/A 15.748 in400.00 mm


N/A 16.220 in412.00 mm


N/A 7.087 in180.00 mm

D (Bolt Circle Diameter)

N/A 14.173 in360.00 mm


N/A 7.874 in200.00 mm

L (Chamfer)

N/A 0.098 in2.50 mm

M (Flange Width)

N/A 1.260 in32.00 mm

N/A 1.417 in36.00 mm


N/A 0.472 in12.00 mm


N/A 405.000 lb184.000 kg
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