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BR-HT is mainly used in backstop applications as an integral part of a gear reducer. Prevention of reverse rotation for inclined conveyor and bucket elevator are typical application BR-HT assures not only the immediate backstop function under high torque, but also long service life by the “lift-off” design. In addition, installation on the high speed shaft with low torque enables selection of more compact models with resulting lower cost.
Unit of Measure


Torque Capacity

N/A 28764.8 lb·ft39000.0 N·m

Min. Inner Race Overrunning Speed

N/A 200 rpm

Max. Inner Race Overrunning Speed

N/A 1300 rpm

Max. Engagement

N/A 95 rpm

Bore Size

N/A 8.071 in205.00 mm

A (Inner Race Width)

N/A 4.134 in105.00 mm

B (Outer Race Width)

N/A 3.150 in80.00 mm

C (Outer Race O.D.)

N/A 16.929 in430.00 mm

D (Outer Race I.D.)

N/A 12.992 in330.00 mm

E (Inner Race O.D.)

N/A 10.354 in263.00 mm

G (Bolt Circle Diameter)

N/A 14.961 in380.00 mm

Q-R (Mounting Holes Quantity - Size)

N/A 16-M20

S-T (Removed Holes Quantity - Size)

N/A 2-M20

F (Cam Width)

N/A 2.087 in53.00 mm


N/A 132.000 lb60 kg

H (Housing Bore Min.)

N/A 11.811 in300.00 mm

M (Counter Bore Depth Max.)

N/A 0.453 in11.50 mm

N (Chamfer)

N/A 0.079 in2.00 mm
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