Learn How Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.
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Learn how Tsubaki is supporting Meat & Poultry Companies.

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  • Roller Conveyor Plain Chains

    Roller Conveyor Chains
    U.S. Tsubaki Roller Conveyor Chains are constructed to last in your operation. These chains are typically used for conveying or elevating applications. Sidebars are fabricated from carbon or alloy steels for long wear life. Pins and bushings are made from carbon or alloy steel and heat-treated and hardened. Dimensions of pins are checked to ensure straight, smooth-wearing surface and a proper fit of the pin in the link bar. Pin and bushing holes are carefully finished to ensure true pitch accuracy and correct interference fit.

  • Bagasse Carriers-2

    Bagasse Carriers
    Bagasse Carriers are the efficient, economical way to handle bagasse that is to be fed to boilers, put into storage, or further processed. The alloy steel pins are heat-treated for wear resistance and can be nickel-plated to prevent corrosion fatigue. The high-strength sidebars are designed to withstand heavy shock loads. We even made the base of the 2-C flight wings thicker to last longer.

  • Hinged Bucket and Scraper Flight Wings-2

    Hinged Bucket and Scraper Flight Wings for Bagasse Carriers
    Flight wings are used with double strands of parallel chain and are usually connected to the A-42 chain attachments. This helps prevent the chain from binding by compensating for irregularities in the length of the two strands.

  • Barloop (Bar Link) Chains

    Barloop Chains
    Barloop Chains offer the strength and versatility of Drop Forged Rivetless Chain PLUS flat sidebars for welding attachments. The pins are securely locked in the sidebars, eliminating both the wear between the pin and sidebar and the possibility of the chain coming apart when slack.

  • X-Style and Standard Drop Forged Rivetless Chains

    Drop Forged Rivetless Chain
    Drop Forged Rivetless Chain is used extensively in the cane washing operation before milling as well as in other applications in the sugar mill. The chain design lends itself to multiplane operation, such as flight and drag conveyors, that move the unwashed cane to the washing plant.

  • Drop Forged Rivetless Chain Attachments-2
  • Welded Steel Chains

    Welded Steel Chains
    U.S. Tsubaki Welded Steel Mill Chains are high-strength rollerless chains that can often be used when increased loads are required. Sidebars are precision-welded to tubular barrels, then connected with through-hardened pins for maximum strength and durability.

  • Welded Steel Chain Attachments-2
  • Main Cane Carrier Chain-2

    Main Cane Carrier Chain
    U.S. Tsubaki Main Cane Carrier Chains are strong and long-lasting. In fact, the average ultimate strengths range from 140,000 to 310,000 pounds. Main Cane Carriers are available in 6", 8", and 12" pitches. The spacing and sizing of attachment holes may be varied to match the punching of existing slats.

  • OBR Style Apron Conveyors-2

    Main Cane Carriers with Outboard Roller Style Apron Conveyors
    U.S. Tsubaki Main Cane Carriers with Outboard Roller Style Apron Conveyors are built for long-lasting, trouble-free operation. The outboard rollers feature a lubricating system that maintains a continuous film in the bearing surfaces. Rollers are easily removable without dismantling the chain. That makes maintenance fast and simple, keeping your costs down and your line up...and running. Side plates and steel impact shoes are welded to the apron pans for added strength. The rugged load saddles are bolted to the underside of the apron pan. This transmits shock loads caused by the knifing action to the rollers.

    OBR style can be furnished stub shaft every pitch or every 2nd pitch depending on load criteria. All weights shown above are for OBR every pitch. Consult with us for selection assistance.

  • Cane Carrier Slats - Style CA

    Cane Carrier Slats
    Cane Carrier Slats can be supplied for any of the carrier chains. The slats are available in 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch thicknesses and can be supplied in any length.