TSB151W and TSB152W Shock Relay provides both overload and underload protection. The Overload protection is the same as all Shock Relay in that a limit is set for how hard the equipment is allowed to work and if this limit is exceeded, the Shock Relay shuts down the equipment. The Underload protection works the other side – if the equipment is not working hard enough, something is wrong. When the actual load current falls below the acceptable level, the Shock Relay stops the motor, protecting your operation.
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Overload Current Range

Underload Current Range

Input Voltage for Operation

Surface Color


TSB152W N/A 17 to 400 amps N/A 30 to 130 % N/A 30 to 130 % N/A 115/230 Volt 50/60 Hz N/A Munsell 2.5Y/2 N/A 2.600 lb
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